About Vira Sling

Hi, my name is Özge. I am a mother of two (Rüzgar & Deniz). After working as an engineer for ten years we welcomed our second baby.  Babywearing helped me a lot to rejoin into daily life with my newborn. I could take care of both the new baby and my four year old at the same time. I never had to say "no we cannot go to park, we cannot do this, you have to wait for that...".

With my first baby babywearing was just for a fun walk near the river. But with the second one it was a game changer. To learn and experience more I joined a training from Die Trageschule. Before my maternity leave ends my husband came with a job proposal from abroad. Good for him but what about me?

I did not want to be a working mom with a one year old and five year old in a foreign country. I see lots of new moms are coming from different countries and try to keep up with the daily life with their little ones. How could I help? I had a consultancy training in my pocket. Should I give it a try? All of these elements brought me to start Vira Sling Babywearing Consultancy.

To deepen my knowledge and experience I joined VDC (Vereniging van Draagdoek Consulenten). It is a collaboration of babywearing consultants all over the Netherlands & Belgium. We come together to share experience and knowledge. I am also taking upper level trainings from Die Trageschule and attend events and conferences of different carrying schools and committees.  

I am happy to answer your questions. 


Trainings I got from Die TrageSchule

Basic Course: April 2018
Advanced Course: September 2019
Certification Course: March 2021