Babywearing Consultations

Basics of a consultation

A consultation session is the time when you will have my full attention only focused on your needs. That’s why I ask questions before we meet; to understand your needs and be prepared according to them.

Before the consultation:

When we got in touch (phone call, whats-up, messenger, e-mail…) I will ask you about;

  • Your baby; how old, how much does your baby weigh, what is her/his cloth size, does she/he has a special

  • Your carrying experience; it is ok not to have any

  • Your preferences

You do not have to have a wrap or a carrier before coming to the consultation. There is enough in my library to practice and understand.

If you want to try a specific type/brand of a carrier please tell before we meet. You can find the list of the carriers in my library, in "My Library" page. 

During the consultation:

At the beginning of the session I will first explain the basics of ergonomic carry. 

Through our session we will use a special demo doll to practice the tie/carrier. We will follow the three basic steps of carrying one by one; preparing the carrier/wrap, putting the baby into the carrier and finally getting the baby out of it. I will first show the steps with a demo doll, then we will do it together again with demo dolls. We can of course repeat these steps if needed. 

It is really important to focus on the type of consultation you chose before. Diving into other topics will decrease the efficiency of our session. 

After the consultation:

At the end of the session I will give you a step by step outline of the tie we practiced so you can turn back and have a look when you want to try by yourself. If you still have questions we can make a free 15min video call for one time. You can also ask your questions via whatsup.


All my carriers are cleaned with baby friendly cleansers and safe to touch a newborn’s skin.

Photos & Social Media:

I like to take photos of the end result. This way we can always go back and look at what and how we achieved. I kindly ask you to choose one of the following:

  • You can take a photo and share on social media with my face visible

  • You can take a photo and share on social media without my face

  • You can take a photo only for your consultation library, no social media allowed

  • I do not want my photos taken


I am not trained on special needs and/or disabilities. If you have such a condition please say it before the session so I can give you contact details of my consultant friends who are experienced and trained on these conditions.

Additional Points:

  • Our session time begins when we meet either in my place or your place.

  • My business is registered to KVK. That means I pay taxes on my earnings.

  • The prices are included vat, I will make an invoice to your name. 

  • Payment will be done after the consultation. You can either make a bank transfer or pay by a credit/debit card.

  • If you will not be able to come, please inform at least one day before. If you do not show up at the time we agreed I have to charge half of the price.

  • If you are coming with your baby I recommend you to bring someone to look after the little one. This way you can benefit maximum from the consultation.


Consultation Types

Choose the best suits your needs

Discover Carrying

Discover Carrying

60 min - 40€

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